Hello Music Camp Families! This year, we created a YouTube playlist of all our VBS songs for your camper to practice at home. To ensure that the videos are only viewed by those participating in Music Camp, the playlist is unlisted, meaning you can only access it through the link below

. Videos will only be made visible AFTER they are learned in Music Camp, so for the first few days, there will be a message on the playlist that says some hidden videos are unavailable. Don’t worry because that’s how it’s supposed to be and they will all be visible eventually! In terms of practicing, have your child mirror what Meredith and Susanna do. While they tried their best to do the motions exactly the same, there are occasionally some small inconsistencies, so if you notice any of those, do whichever comes more naturally. If you have any questions, please email Meredith Stroud at

VIDEOs Here 

Additionally, the MP3 versions of the songs are below so that you may listen and practice as well.