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Your Battery Is Low!

May 13, 2014

Come...apart into a desert place, and rest a while.

Mark 6:31 KJV


I’m a relative newcomer to the iPhone, but the warning is common to all of our smart phones/PDAs. It’s the one that says, “Your battery is low!” Sure, it’s not the one you want to see when you desperately need to make that one call to your office, your wife or to the 911 dispatcher!

But, it is a necessary warning that periodically reminds you that you are “running low” or that you are “on reserve power.” It may even inform you that shutdown is imminent or that unsaved data will be lost if you don’t do something now. It’s a kindness, actually--direct and clearly stated. It makes you think and take steps to replenish your energy!

It’s right after and intense time in your work and family life and your planning for the next phase is already overdue. It’s nearly impossible to take any time away. You just can’t find a way to turn that would let you take a break from any of the expectations, schedules and deadlines involved.

It must have been just such a day in Nazareth when Jesus and his disciples were so busy with the crowds, the ministry reports and the loose lions that they couldn’t even sit down to eat. Sound familiar? 

But Jesus did take that needed break. One that got him far from the madding crowd. The eyewitness account says they got in a boat and pushed off! And, when they followed them like middle eastern paparazzi he sent them away again, and then headed for the hills to pray. 

Now, the events of that night were not so conducive to refreshment (Mark 6:47-51). But the change in scene and the deep lessons they learned in intimate time with Him were. 

And, it can be the same for us. A change of scene, a limiting of access by people and a shift of focus can make all the difference when our batteries are low.

Words of Jesus (thus, in red). Simple, direct and clearly stated. Take the necessary steps. Now!  East of the Altar|WORSHIP



Help me--somehow--to slow down enough to get the rest I need. You know how often I benefit myself and others when I keep on pushing through the weariness. But, also help me to realize how I benefit all by laying down my tools and taking time to rest and to sharpen them.

In Jesus’ name, 



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