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April 09, 2014

Don’t you just love a good story? Especially a good GOD story? Well, read on and be reminded of how He knows exactly what we need and when we need it…

Last Friday morning MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) met for their annual Tea and Treasure meeting. This is a special time that our moms come together … testimonies are shared… and the gospel is clearly presented in hopes that the heart of at least one person will be touched in some way. On this particular morning we were thrilled to have Shannon Baker and Sarah Klausner share their life stories with us. If you ever get the opportunity to hear Shannon’s testimony, take the time to do it. God has certainly done a work in her life as a young mom and wife of our student minister. Sarah Klausner is a police officer who came to our church after the death of her husband. In her own words, she was “not a very nice person”… but she came to Parkway at the invitation of Keith Utley (former Education Minister) whom she had met at the YMCA and he had officiated her husband’s funeral. Also sitting in that room Friday morning was Elizabeth Retenais, young mother of three, and this is really her story that she shared on Facebook and yes, I have her and Sarah’s permission to share it here so read on…

“Something super cool happened to me today. I was at the Tea and Treasures meeting of MOPs, one of my favs, where one or two ladies get up and share their testimony. In the middle of the second woman's story, she talks about visiting Parkway Baptist Church while she's having a really difficult time and isn't really interested in God or church. She specifically mentions that she was touched that day when someone sang Calmer of the Storm. My first thought was, "I know that song! I love that song!" My second thought was, "Wait. I sang that song at Parkway a couple of years ago." The speaker didn't know it, but it was me! And I was amazed by three things. 1) That God used that song. After I sang it, I wished I had chosen a different song because it was slow and it followed the choir's slow song that day. I thought it was too much slow. 2) God takes our small offerings and makes them big (another Downhere song says "Little is much when God's in it. He changes the world with the seeds you sow." 3) God lets me, a person who is often angry or jealous and almost always selfish, be a part of his work. Grace isn't just about forgiveness or Jesus taking my punishment, but also allowing us to be useful and to actually work for God.”

And then to add to how cool this story is Sarah tells us that she had not planned to tell that story – it wasn’t in her notes… but God knew she needed to share it… Elizabeth needed to hear it… and we were all blessed by hearing, once again, how big our God really is.

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