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Hugs from Above

February 06, 2015

The Bible is like a love letter to you from God. It is filled with true stories of people who came to know God’s love. You can know it too! We learn in the Bible that God made you and loves you. The Bible gives special instruction to protect your heart and life. You have rules for your children because you love them. Those rules keep your children safe and happy. The Bible gives God’s rules for your life. He shows His love to you by telling you how to live so you can be safe and happy. He knows everything about you.
Has your child ever given you a special valentine card on Valentine’s Day? He or she meant to send a love message to you. God’s Word is like a Valentine card. It is His special message of love to you. Take a look at some of God’s love verses…

“The very hairs on your head are numbered.” Matthew 10:30. Think about that…. He cares enough to count the hairs on your head.
You were specially made by God. Psalm 139:14 says, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”
Song of Songs 2:4b says, “His banner over me is love!” He watches over you with His love.
“God is love!” I John 4:8b. No one can love you as much as God does.

God’s Word is filled with promises of His love. Keep it in your heart.

How do you tell your kids that you love them? Ask yourself what situations made you feel loved as a child. Are you doing things like that for or with your children?
Louise Hart, author of The Winning Family (LifeSkills Press) gives these how-to-communicate-love tips:
Put aside busyness. Drop what you're doing to just be there for your child, especially in a crisis. Your child will conclude, "I must matter. I'm loved."
Take children seriously. Put yourself in their shoes and value what they tell you.
Really listen. Look interested. Face your child and lean forward a little. Let your child finish first. Avoid thinking of what to say next. Notice your child's body language such as posture, sighs, tears, and voice inflection.
Give nonverbal messages. Make your child feel important by giving your child positive facial expressions, eye contact, loving touches, and attentiveness.
Speak positive words. Children want to hear good things about themselves, but be sincere.
Enjoy your child. Children read our attitudes. When you have fun, everyone wins.

Showing love to others isn't just for Valentine's Day. Jesus commands us to "love each other" so that "people will know that you are my followers" (John 13:34-35). How many people have you shown love to today?

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