Welcome to our staff blog. We will be blogging about current events from a Christian perspective, expanding on our weekly message, or just blogging about interesting items we feel could be relevant to your Christian walk. Check back often and feel free to leave us a comment on each entry! God Bless!

To Please His Heavenly Father
February 05, 2016

Jesus did not wrestle his angry Father to the floor of heaven and take the whip out of His hand. He did not force Him to be merciful to humanity. His death was not the begrudging consent of God to be lenient to sinners. No, what Jesus did when He suffered and died was the Father’s idea. It was a breathtaking strategy, conceived even before creation, as God saw and planned the history of the world. That is why the Bible speaks of God’s “purpose and grace, which He gave us in Christ Jesus before the ages began” (2 Timothy 1:9). Already in the Jewish Scriptures the ... read more
Before He Knew Me
December 02, 2015

  The other day my son Jackson and I were riding together to church. At nine Jackson is starting to ask questions about his adoption. We are very open with him and answer as many questions as we can. This night he was asking about what it was like in our lives before he came. That led me to talk to him about our hearts as we waited for him to be ours. I told him, “Son, I want you to know that I love You before you knew me. I only knew your name and I began praying for you. I prayed you would be safe and that if God saw it fit to give you to us, we would gladly offer you b ... read more
The Storm
November 06, 2015

THE STORM My hope is built on nothing Less Than Jesus blood and righteousness I dare not trust the sweetest frame But wholly lean on Jesus name. Christ alone, cornerstone Weak made strong in the savior’s love Through the storm you are Lord, Lord of all These are the lyrics to a modern arrangement of the great song The Solid Rock. I have been listening to it a lot over the past year. The thing is, trouble finds us. You cannot hide from it. It is always lurking around the corner. It can be hard to trust in Jesus name when you feel like you are in sinking sand. I was thinking the ... read more
Lowering the Waterline
February 12, 2015

80 to 85% of an iceberg is underwater. You only see the tip of it. There is much more going on underneath the water. The majority of the iceberg is buried underwater where we can’t see it. You would have to lower the waterline to see what is completely there.  Suffice to say, there is way more going on in our world than just what we see every day.   As you go to school, work, or the gym, we constantly are walking by people, making eye-contact with people, greeting people—and on the surface it would appear that everyone is doing great. But you know just from your own exp ... read more
Hugs from Above
February 06, 2015

The Bible is like a love letter to you from God. It is filled with true stories of people who came to know God’s love. You can know it too! We learn in the Bible that God made you and loves you. The Bible gives special instruction to protect your heart and life. You have rules for your children because you love them. Those rules keep your children safe and happy. The Bible gives God’s rules for your life. He shows His love to you by telling you how to live so you can be safe and happy. He knows everything about you. Has your child ever given you a special valentine card on Valent ... read more
What God Is Telling Me (Jasper) About Being A Church Member
January 08, 2015

What does it mean to be a member of a church? Pastor Blankenship will be sharing from God’s Word about this topic for several weeks. This question has given me pause to contemplate these things myself. I want to be the best church member that I can be. Here are some of the things God is teaching me: 1. A Church Member Dies to His or Her Own Preferences "For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God." Colossians 3:3 A church member realizes that they are dead. Now I don’t mean that a church member is a pew warmer whose lack of life requires nothing of them. I m ... read more
Church Planting Around the World
January 06, 2015

One of the exciting things about sharing Christ globally is seeing the Lord plant churches.  Recently I received an exciting email from Emmanuel Dzokoto, the business administrator of our partner church, Trinity Baptist, in Accra, Ghana. He wrote letting us know that Trinity was opening a second satellite campus in Kutunse, a region about 40 minutes from the center of Accra. This new church plant will be the second church start since Parkway has partnered with Trinity Baptist. The first, started in 2012, is about an hour outside of Accra in the area known as Kosoa. The Kasoa church plant ... read more
November 03, 2014

11 WAYS TO INTRODUCE YOUR PRESCHOOLER TO GOD As parents and teachers of preschoolers, you should want to develop a healthy hunger for a loving heavenly Father. Here are some ideas that have worked with other parents/teachers. Many of these will work with all elementary kids. 1. Begin praying with your baby from the time he/she is an infant. Prayer is a 24/7 communication with the Lord, of course, but pray at specific times with your young child. Usually before you eat and before bedtime are good choices. Be brief. You might be surprised how quickly a small child begins to join you in saying ... read more
First World Problems
September 23, 2014

 Sometimes I get frustrated. I mean really frustrated. Most of the time it is about minor things. I get stopped on every light on my trip. I can’t get the computer program to work. My cell phone won’t unlock. These are all things we call first world problems. In my frustrations I forget how blessed I am. I concentrate on the temporary things rather than eternal. I look at the world around me and somehow I see it through carnal rather than spiritual eyes. I let the enemy distract me from what I know is important. I let myself get frustrated by things I may not even remembe ... read more
The Star-Spangled Banner
July 08, 2014

There is probably no more sincere fan of composer John Williams than yours truly. And, I've been intensely interested in his two solid attempts at arranging Francis Scott Key's The Star-Spangled Banner (2011 for marching band and this year for choir and orchestra at the PBS annual Capitol Fourth celebration). What concerns me deeply is the unwillingness anyone has to include subsequent stanzas of Francis Scott Key's great poem. While it is true that some of the sections are intensely poetic and hard to use musically, some of the other stanzas are illustrative of the spirit of ind ... read more
The Christian Life is Impossible
June 03, 2014

Do you ever feel like living the Christian life is just plain hard? I would say that if you have never felt that way, you are not REALLY living out your faith. The truth is living the Christian life isn’t hard ---it is IMPOSSIBLE! We can’t do it on our own. We have to stop working and striving to do things and let Jesus live the life for us. A verse that sticks out to me when I think about this is Galatians 2:20. It says: “I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by fa ... read more
Your Battery Is Low!
May 13, 2014

Come...apart into a desert place, and rest a while. Mark 6:31 KJV   I’m a relative newcomer to the iPhone, but the warning is common to all of our smart phones/PDAs. It’s the one that says, “Your battery is low!” Sure, it’s not the one you want to see when you desperately need to make that one call to your office, your wife or to the 911 dispatcher! But, it is a necessary warning that periodically reminds you that you are “running low” or that you are “on reserve power.” It may even inform you that shutdow ... read more
April 09, 2014

Don’t you just love a good story? Especially a good GOD story? Well, read on and be reminded of how He knows exactly what we need and when we need it… Last Friday morning MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) met for their annual Tea and Treasure meeting. This is a special time that our moms come together … testimonies are shared… and the gospel is clearly presented in hopes that the heart of at least one person will be touched in some way. On this particular morning we were thrilled to have Shannon Baker and Sarah Klausner share their life stories with us. If you ever get ... read more
Teach Your Children Well
January 21, 2014

Teach Your Children Well   What is the most quoted passage of Scripture in history? If you are like me your first guess might be John 3:16. I am flooded with pictures of football games with a giant poster in the endzone being raised by a man in a rainbow wig. But John 3:16  is not the correct answer. The answer may actually surprise you. It is Deuteronomy 6:4-9. It reads:   “Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one! You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. “And these words which ... read more
January 13, 2014

Too often serving in the church nursery can seem like a thankless job. One of the key tasks for children’s ministry leaders is to help volunteers understand their importance. With that in mind, I offer these following 7 reasons why serving in the church nursery is important. Reason #1 God is in the church nursery. This may come as a shock, but the Bible has specific promises about God’s presence when children are welcomed and loved in Jesus’ name. Reason #2 Your service in the church nursery allows church goers to focus on worship, rather than worrying about their child ... read more
New Beginnings
January 02, 2014

The time of year when we think about new things is upon us. With a new year comes a pressure to resolve to new things. It is the magic calendar flip that gives us a “do-over”. For some weight loss is on the resolution list. Others may resolve to spend less money. Still others will look to 2014 as the year they finally kick an old habit. Many will simply resolve not to resolve.  I think the reason we resolve each year is that as humans we are drawn to new beginnings. We want to let the past be behind us and the forge on to the new opportunities ahead. We want to be optimisti ... read more
Let's Celebrate Advent
December 04, 2013

Recently I was reading an article about Christmas expectations and schedules. Very quickly one gets wrapped into a giant package of must-dos for the holidays.  Soon you will find yourselves with long to-do lists… wrapping presents, shopping, school parties, sending cards, wrapping more presents, baking cookies… and there is no time to focus on what the celebration is all about in the early days and weeks – Advent. It’s not just some stuffy, liturgical church word. It simply means “arrival”. It’s the season to celebrate the arrival of ... read more
November 22, 2013

Recipe For Thanks-giving   What turns the 4th Thursday of November into Thanksgiving? Turkey? I know one family who doesn’t like turkey.  Their traditional Thanksgiving meal is Vietnamese carryout.  But whatever our food traditions, is that all there is?  Not if we plan real thanks into the day. If we want to give thanks, we need only two things.  Something we’re thankful for and somebody to thank.  Seems so obvious, but I think I need to say it because it’s amazing how many people can say, “I’m thankful for ______,” withou ... read more
October 24, 2013

INDESCRIBABLE  We are approaching the season where families and friends come together and reflect on the good gifts of the year behind us. Many of us will travel to visit people all over the country (and some maybe even all over the world). As we spend time together, I pray that we remember the greatest gift of all. 2 Corinthians 9:15 says,"Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!"  The gift that God has given in redemption and forgiveness in Christ is indescribable. There are simply no words, in any language, that can express the importance of God’s gift to us. Once ... read more
Seasons of Change
October 09, 2013

Seasons of Change   The changing of another season is upon us. I love this time of year. The cool, crisp mornings are beautiful. As we turn from summer to autumn we are reminded of the seasons of life as well. It seems that we all go through periods in our lives where we are content and happy and periods where life is more difficult.   I must admit, I love the times of contentment. I love it when things are going well.  During these times I have no problem trusting God. I understand His plan. I am willing to go along with whatever he says. I am confident in my faith and fe ... read more
Working Out
September 27, 2013

Working Out I have once again begun to workout. This is far from my favorite activity. I have often wondered why I was cursed with the metabolism of a slug. I wish I was one of those people who could just think and burn calories. Alas, I am not. So I work out. My torture of choice is the treadmill. I walk and walk and watch as the little red numbers indicate just how much work out I am really doing. The thing about a treadmill is as much as you walk, you don’t ever really get anywhere. Sure there is a measurement of distance but when you are done. You are standing in the same ... read more
Life For The Lifeless Times
September 11, 2013

Fall is possibly my favorite time of year. I love wearing a jacket or a sweatshirt out on a crisp morning. It is not yet cold enough to be unbearable but it is cool enough to get your senses moving as you exit the house. For five years, Kendra and I served a church just outside of Portland, Maine. Autumn in New England is breathtaking. The foliage there bring “tree peepers” from all over the world to see the changing of one season to the next. However, as fall continues to that time when it is not quite winter, the tourists turn away. There is not much of a draw to come and see ba ... read more